It’s almost that time of year again! My family and I are getting excited to come back to Bilmar Nursery this year for our Christmas tree. Last year’s White Spruce lasted us throughout ALL the winter holidays, and almost until spring! Last year we cut our tree down at your nursery Fabulous Firs on Van Wagner road on December 4th...I took my tree down on April 29th!

As a kid I always wanted to keep our tree up and decorate it for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter and this past year I was able to fulfill my childhood dream and start a new tradition with my own family. My daughter was so excited to keep un-decorating and re-decorating the tree, throughout the season! Although it was April and my 2 year old daughter was talking about her tree, people thought that because she was just 2, she didn't have a clue what she was saying, but when they came to our home and saw our tree still up and decorated for Easter they were shocked! We were sad to see the tree go but soon enough we will cut down another one from your nursery. This year’s goal is to make it till Memorial Day!

- Sheila & Brianna B., Hyde Park, NY

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